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Annual subscription "À la folie"

Annual subscription "À la folie"

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4 boxes per year, or one box per quarter : 

Each box contains :

A 280g candle, a 50 ml room spray, 2 boxes of matches (40 unités) and 2 travel cards.

+ 110€ of real value
Premium products 
+ 100% vegan and 100% Made in France
+ Subscribers benefits

Automatic debit once a year.

(Equivalent to less than 23,00 € /month, delivery included)
Can be cancelled from your customer area.



Vegetable wax


Made in France

Made with quality and recyclable materials

French craftsmanship


Candle :


9,5 cm height

8,6 cm width

Home fragrance :

10 cm height

4,5 cm width

3,4 cm depth

The matchboxes :

2 x 20 matchsticks

11 cm height

6,5 cm width

1 cm depth

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    Make sure the wick is straight so the wax can melt evenly.

    Place the candle away from drafts to avoid black smoke.


    Light your candle and wait for the entire surface to liquefy before extinguishing it, this will prevent unsightly dimples from forming.

    Do not let the last cm of wax burn to avoid overheating the glass.

    Also be sure not to burn the candle for more than an hour. Never leave your candle lit, unattended.


    Replace the wick in its original place.

    If it is too long, do not hesitate to cut it.

    Remember to clean the glass wall regularly with an alcohol-free product to prevent soot build-up.